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How to Play Craps

Looking to learn how to play craps? Stick around. Craps brings out the emotions in players more than any other game in the casino. There is a freedom found at the craps table that you won’t find anywhere else: The freedom to applaud, the freedom to cheer, and the freedom to just let loose. All tables aren’t like this, of course, so if you’re the quiet type, you can still find a more mellow craps table.

In general, however, it’s the very energy of the craps table that keeps its players coming back again and again. That, and the fact that it has one of the best bets in the entire casino. Learn more about this in the Craps Bets section of this site.

Before we introduce you to the most lucrative bets, however, be sure to check out the basics of the game in our How to Play Craps section. Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll find a whole lot more on this site, designed to teach you how to play craps step by step, that you won’t find anywhere else. Maybe you’ll even figure out some secrets that are all too often hidden under a layer of skepticism in the craps crowds at your typical casino.

Browse our navigation to the right to explore any aspect of how to play craps, from the basics, to the more advanced.

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