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Come bets are easy to make and they have the best odds of any craps bet at the table, and as a result, they are quite popular among craps players. The come bet is the same as the pass line bet, but you can make a come bet on every roll of the dice – not to mention the fact that you can make it with maximum odds! Some people will even say that on a “hot shooter” you can really clean up with the come bet. For the basics of this bet, check out our Craps Bets section before continuing here.

When a given shooter makes his point, you will often have come points still on the layout. So, when the new come out roll takes place, and everyone else is rooting for the seven, you’re left hoping that seven doesn’t come up. If it does, your bets will still lose. Fortunately, the house lets you call your odds bets on or off. So, how do you know what to do? Let’s look at an example to find out.

You make a pass line bet and the shooter rolls a six, so you put a bet on the odds behind the line. Then, you decide to go for a come bet, ten comes up as your come point and you take out odds on your bet. Then, you make another come bet, and your come point number comes up a five, which you also take out odds on. Now, the shooter makes his point and you win on your pass line bet.

If the shooter rolls a seven at this point, you’ll lose both of your bets, but if a ten or five is rolled, you win. Is it worth it to keep the odds on? If you say nothing, the odds are automatically off.

So, if we look at this more closely, we can see that the seven will roll six times out of 36 rolls. The ten will come up three times and the five will come up four times. Is it worth it? You bet – you have more of a chance of getting your numbers than rolling the seven. If you had come bets on the four and ten, you’d have the same collective chance of getting one of your come point numbers as you have of getting the seven. In this case you’d have to go with your instinct. Basically, the rule is simply to keep your odds on if you have two or more come bets up, and if you have only one, take the odds off.

So there you have it, now you know how to treat the best craps bet at the table!

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