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Dice Control and Dice Setting

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Many regular craps players out there will swear that you can learn how to control the dice and set the dice in such a way as to take down the casino edge in the game of craps. So, if dice control really can turn up a profit at the casinos, just how do you go about doing it?

Well, it turns out that if it is even possible for a given person, it would take countless hours of practice at home and at the casinos to get the hang of it. Many “professional” craps players or gamblers have their own craps tables or parts of craps tables at home to practice on. Personally, I believe spending this much time obsessed with a game in an effort to make an actual profit at it is unhealthy. It is certain that many people have lost a lot of money thinking they can beat the casinos, and it is certain that many more will.

Regardless, the first thing you want to look at if you’re going to do it anyway, is dice setting. This is setting the initial position of the dice in your hand before you throw them in an effort to influence the outcome of the roll. The idea is that if you throw the dice correctly, they are more likely to land on those numbers.

The problem often faced by dice setters, however, is that they take too long to throw the dice. Boxmen and women and even other players may become annoyed with you if you take too long to set your dice and may even prevent you from doing it. It is important, therefore, to learn how to set the dice quickly. Many experts recommend practicing until you can get within the two second mark.
Regardless if you get them set within two seconds, some casinos still frown upon it. However, some dealers will even set the dice for you if you ask, so if you aren’t quick enough, you have nothing to lose by asking!

Before you get involved with trying to control the dice, try to imagine just how complex the actual act of dice control is. The number of minute variables present in the simple act of tossing a couple of dice across a table make the prospects of dice control incredibly difficult for the human mind to grasp. This would be a whole lot simpler if not for the fact that the casino enforces a number of rules to minimize the ease of controlling dice. First, you can only handle the dice with one hand. You can also not toss the dice over your shoulder or higher than the line of sight of the dealers. Additionally, the dice must bounce at least once before then bouncing off the wall at the other end of the table and they must also not be slid or dropped – it must be an actual toss.

The fact that the dice have to bounce off the wall would not be nearly as bad if craps tables didn’t have those pyramid-like bumps protruding from the wall to create further randomness. Some who would consider themselves experts in the area of dice control claim that hitting the back wall is not as big a problem as one might think, the reason being that you can hit it so softly that it has minimum influence on the dice. The key, they say, is to practice, practice, practice, until you are able to get the dice to hit softly enough but not miss.

In conclusion, it’s up to you to decide whether or not the effort of learning about dice setting and other dice control techniques is worth it. Many other people claim that you can’t control the dice and anyone who claims otherwise is delusional. If you ask me, you could be doing better things with your time than wasting away in your basement tossing dice for hours on end, like enjoying the game in the casino for fun rather than for money! If you want to learn more, there’s a fellow over at who seems to take dice control pretty seriously, even offering classes and equipment to prospective dice controllers. Additionally, there is a great document here about the subject as well that contains a lot of information and theory.

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