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Craps Strategy: Can You Win?

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This page contains a synthesis of much of the information on this site, plus more, in an effort to offer the best craps strategy advice possible for the beginning or even advanced craps player.

In actuality, there is no specific betting strategy that can lead to winning in craps. However, many people claim there are ways of decreasing the house advantage. One popular method of doing this is by attempting to control the dice, which some say can aid a player in increasing the odds of rolling or avoiding certain number combinations. This seems plausible given my research, but there seems to be very little in the way of hard statistics to prove it. Some players have even alleged that they have studied thousands of rolls and have come up with positive results for dice control, but again, no proof is provided. For more information and resources on this topic, consult our Dice Control section. For now, we will discuss the other methods that can be used to bring down the house edge in craps.

So, how do you keep your money in craps? Strategy may not be the best word to use here. Quite simply, you bet on the bets with the lowest house edge. Basically, you should stick to the pass and don’t pass line, come and don’t come bets. Even more importantly, you should back these bets with full odds. The best thing to do is to bet the minimum amount on the original bet, and then put as much money as you can on the odds. Check out our Craps Bets section for more information on this.

One more thing that many “professional” gamblers believe is a valid craps strategy is reading the flow of the game. It isn’t exactly scientific, and you’d probably be hard pressed to prove this, but as long as you don’t go in thinking it’s a sure thing and betting all of your money on it, you’ll be alright.

So, according to some, a craps game will go through “hot streaks” or “cold streaks”, where there is a period with no sevens rolled, or where there are a lot of sevens coming up. It is true that a shooter may get on a streak where they continue to roll for many minutes without sevening out, but again, it would be hard to prove this is due to their skill with the dice, or some other mysterious energies influencing the patterns of the game. It could be that by the time you notice this “streak” and bet big on it, the next roll of the dice will be seven.

If this streak theory is correct, however, which you will have to decide for yourself, the best way to take advantage of it would be to play the pass line, back it with full odds and place a number of come bets, backing them with odds as well. It is up for debate how many come bets one should place. Some say you should make come bets on every roll, but this could be a bit risky. Others like to place only a couple of come bets, and if one of their come points is made, they’ll place another one. The fact is, the shooter could seven out at any time, and if you have a lot of come bets, you can kiss all of that money goodbye.

Whatever the case may be – whether streaks are real or not – you never want to bet more than you can afford to lose at any game in the casino. No craps strategy can insure that you make a profit at the craps table. The next roll of the die is always a mystery. If you find yourself attempting to chase past wins or trying to regain the money you’ve lost, chances are it’s time to call it quits. If this is difficult for you or becomes increasingly difficult, you may want to visit our Gambling Addiction section to determine whether you may have a developing problem.

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