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Craps Systems: Real or Bunk?

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It’s not hard to find a website or book claiming that it can make you a winner at the game of craps through some secret system. After analyzing many systems on the Internet, what is our conclusion? Read on to find out.

Although this website does not offer you a winning craps system, there is good reason for that: there aren’t any. Before you click your back button and go looking somewhere else, however, you might want to hear what I have to say. The reason no craps systems can help you is really not that complicated. There are a few different methods that websites tout in trying to convince you that winning at craps is possible. Often, such systems will involve complex betting combinations. This is somewhat akin to the popular strategy of “splitting bets”.

Essentially, what you’re doing here is betting on proposition numbers, which have high payouts but very low odds of winning. An example is the popular “C and E” bet, which stands for craps and eleven. The house edge is high on this bet, regardless of the fact that it might seem like you are backing up each of your bets with the other bet. No matter what you do at the craps table, you cannot bring the house edge into your favor just by mixing up bet combinations. This is similar to thinking that if you add enough negative numbers together you can eventually get a positive number. The house edge comes, of course, from the fact that you are not paid true odds. This means that you are not being paid at a ratio that corresponds with the odds you had to overcome in winning a particular bet.

This means that the only craps system that can help you is the system that involves betting only on the best bets: the pass line, the don’t pass line, the come and don’t come and the place bets on the 6 and 8 (although the later are not as good as the former). You’ll also want to back your bets with full odds. However, in the end craps is, after all, gambling, and you shouldn’t expect to win. If you do, it isn’t because of some magical system that you got off the Internet. It was luck. After all, why would these people be selling the system for money when they could easily make money playing craps instead? And, if they claim they are doing it to “help you out”, couldn’t they spend their time and money helping out people who are truly in need? Say, the people starving in the streets maybe?

No, the logic doesn’t hold up and neither does the math. Craps systems are not legitimate, and anyone who claims they are is lying.

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